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Brand: Sulwhasoo
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[Sulwhasoo] Snowise Ex Brightening Special Set - 1Pack (7items)

* The composition of the Special Set product is subject to change. *

* Snowise Brightening Water
A gel-textured brightening toner tidies up rough skin
and helps to enhance the skin’s brightness.

* Snowise Brightening Emulsion
A brightening emulsion that makes smooth
and translucent-looking skin as spreading softly over the skin.

* Snowise Brightening Serum
Reveal a youthful brightness with translucent glow from within.

* Snowise Brightening Cream
A brightening cream hydrates skin
with radiance enhancing actives to bring out clear bright skin.

* Snowise Brightening UV Protector (SPF50+ PA++++)
Skin brightening UV protector that uses Block Brightening technology
to help protect your skin from UV and micro dust particles


Snowise Brightening Water - 125ml
Snowise Brightening Emulsion - 125ml
Snowise Brightening Water - 15ml
Snowise Brightening Emulsion - 15ml
Snowise Brightening Serum - 8ml
Snowise Brightening Cream - 5ml
Snowise Brightening UV Protector (SPF50+ PA++++) #02 - 5ml

[How to use]

Apply a moderate amount onto your palm and gently spread evenly across your face.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1apck (7items)

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